Lady’s Not For Burning, The (ITV 1987 with Kenneth Branagh and Cherie Lunghi)

UK / ITV – Yorkshire / 1×120 minute episode / 1987

Writer: Christopher Fry / Music: Paula Reade / Camera: Gerry Lloyd / Producer: Pat Sandys / Director: Julian Aymes

Period drama. A story of love and passion against a background of witchcraft, superstition and murder in the 17th century.

KENNETH BRANAGH as Thomas Mendip
CHERIE LUNGHI as Jennet Jourdemayne
ROBERT EDDISON as The Chaplain
BERNARD HEPTON as Hebble Tyson
TOM MANNION as HUmphrey Devize
PAUL ROGERS as Edward Tappercoom
SHAUN SCOTT as Nicholas Devize
ANGELA THORNE as Margaret Devize

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