Laramie (NBC 1959-1963, John Smith, Robert Fuller)


Laramie took us to the Wyoming Territory of the 1870’s where brothers Slim and Andy Sherman do their best to look after the family ranch following the death of their father. They were helped by Jonesy (played by the great Hoagy Carmichael) as well as drifter Jess Harper who just happened by in the first episode.

The setting and the fact that the ranch was as a relay station by stagecoaches heading into Laramie itself meant that was a regular stream of new people (many of them bad guys) passing through.

The series suffered somewhat from a changing cast line, Jonesy left after the first season and young Andy only lasted until 1961. Season two saw the arrival of Sheriff Mort Corey from Laramie who became a regular fixture at the ranch. Following the departure of Andy young orphan Mike Williams was taken under the wing of Slim and Daisy Cooper arrived as new housekeeper.

production details
USA / NBC / x50 minute episodes / Broadcast 15 September 1959 – 17 September 1963

Theme Song: Laramie by Cyril Mockridge

John Smith as Slim Sherman
Robert Fuller as Jess Harper
Hoagy Carmichael as Jonesy (season 1)
Bobby Crawford as Andy Sherman (seasons 1-2)
Dennis Holmes as Mike Williams (1961-1963)
Spring Byington as Daisy Cooper (1961-1963)
Stuart Randall as Mort Corey (1960-1963)
Roy Barcroft as Sheriff Douglas

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