Las Reinas (ABC 2018, Danielle Alonso, Sonia Braga)

Las Reinas ABC

Miami Detective Alex de la Reina is as notorious for her homicide investigations as she is for her last name: she is the granddaughter of Gabriella de la Reina, the ruthless head of the city’s most powerful crime family. Alex turned her back on her family when she was sixteen, but that doesn’t stop her from using their influence to do her job; she is the only detective in Miami who can walk into a gang shoot-out and come out unscathed. Alex’s new partner Andrew Somerset and her mentor Lieutenant Donald Worden fear that her risk-taking behavior has gotten out of hand.

But Inspector Kathryn Geller of the Organized Crime Task Force doesn’t care how Alex gets things done; she needs her help. Karen Ruiz, the daughter of the De La Reinas’ most ruthless enforcer, has disappeared. If this girl dies, the city could see a gang war that ends in a blood bath. Alex knows that she has no choice but to see her family for the first time in years, to ask them to stand down and stay out of her way until she can find out what happened to Karen. Gabriella and her consigliere Robert Ellison welcome Alex warmly back into the fold. After all, Gabriella is determined that Alex is the only one who has the strength to inherit her throne. But Alex’s younger brother Diego is not as forgiving; he felt abandoned when she left the family without taking him.

Now, Diego is trying to prove that he deserves to take over the family business from Gabriella. With Gabriella’s help and resources working in tandem with the police on Karen’s case, Alex starts making breakthroughs. But this favor puts her into a conflict she can’t resolve. For now, she must walk the murky line between the law and her family, and question her true destiny as a De La Reina.

Daniella Alonso as Alex de la Reina
Sonia Braga as Gabriella de la Reina
Amanda Warren as Kathryn Geller
Eric Winter as Robert Ellison
John Corbett as Donald Worden
Matthew Davis as Andrew Somerset
Shalim Ortiz as Diego de la Reina

key behind the scenes crew
Dean Georgaris Writer of pilot / Executive Producer
Chris Brancato as Executive Producer

show type
Crime and Mystery

broadcast from
Scheduled to premiere midseason 2018

network and production companies
ABC – ABC Studios – Mark Gordon Co.

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