Late Starter (BBC-1 1985 with Peter Barkworth and Rowena Cooper)

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UK / BBC One / 8×50 minute episodes / Broadcast 29 March – 12 April 1985

Writer: Brian Clarke / Music: Carl Davis / Producer: Ruth Boswell / Executive Producer: Mark Shivas / Directors: Barry Davis, Nicholas Mallett

Drama series. When middle aged executive Edward Brett retires from his career as a professor of English Literature he finds that his formerly cosy life is about to change in every way possible – his wife Mary has left him, gone he knows not where and his financial situation becomes extremely fraught.

Forced to make ends meet Edward takes a job in a local pub and learns that it is never too late to make a new start.

Peter Barkworth as Edward Brett
Rowena Cooper as Mary Brett
Akousa Busi as Nicki
Simon Cowell-Parker as Simon Brett
Carol Leader as Penny Johnson
Julia Foster as Liz Weldon
Beryl Reid as Helen Magee
Terrence Hardiman
Tenniel Evans
John Flanagan as Colin Johnson