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Life Of Thunderbolt, The (Channel 9 1970 with Tom Oliver and Ben Gaul)

Australia / Channel 9 / 1×60 minute episodes / Broadcast Tuesday 26 May 1970 at 7.30pm in black and white

Period drama. Thunderbolt was one of Australia’s most notorious bushrangers. He roamed the New England district (where most of the scenes were shot) between 1865 and 1870, robbing mainly rich squatters and merchants.

His career began when he was falsely imprisoned In Cockatoo Island prison, where he later escaped with a friend, They turned to bush-ranging in order to survive. Thunderbolt was well liked and was hidden and protected by many.

Shown to mark the hundredth anniversary of his death.

TOM OLIVER as Thunderbolt
BEN GAUL as Fred Ward
PETER McPHIE as Constable Walker

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