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Lost Islands, The (Channel 10 1975, Tony Hughes, Jane Vallis)

Lost Islands

Adventure series The Lost islands follows a group of kids from all over the world (as part of an experiment by a millionaire to create a united nations) who are travelling aboard a ship called the United World, following a terrible storm four of the children find themselves marooned on the strange lost islands.

Three early episodes were cobbled together to make a theatrical release at the end of 1975.

Lost Islands

Jane Vallis as Anna
Robert Edgington as David
Amanda Ma as Su Ying
Chris Benaud as Mark
Margaret Nelson as Helen Margaret Quinn
Rodney Bell as Aaron James Quinn
Ric Hutton as Prime minister Rufus Quad
Tony Hughes as Tony
Michael Howard as Quig
Ron Blanchard as Quell
Willie Fennell as Jeremiah Quizzle

crew details
Creator: Michael Lawrence, Roger Mirams
Producer: Roger Mirams
Directors: Rick Birch, Bill Hughes, Peter Maxwell, Howard Rubie

production details
Country: Australia
Studio: Channel Ten – South Pacific Films – Paramount TV
Duration: 25 minutes
Aired From: 1975
26×25 minute episodes in total

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