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Lucinda Brayford (ABC 1980, Wendy Hughes, Sam Neill)

Lucinda Brayford

Lucinda Brayford, made in 1980 and based on the novel by Martin Boyd Brayford tells the story of Lucinda Vane who marries aide de camp to the Governor of Melbourne Hugo Brayford but has things turn sour on her when the couple move to England just after the end of world war one.

Lucinda proves herself to be a modern independent woman though and despite the trial thrown at her manages to overcome them. A straight forward story well told Lucinda Brayford and lead Wendy Hughes is first class, she ages throughout the production from 18 to 45 and there is also an early role for the brilliant Sam Neill.

production details
Australia / ABC / 4×60 minute episodes / broadcast 1980 First episode: 15 June

Writer: Cliff Green / Novel: Martin Boyd / Design: Alwyn Harbott, Bob Walters / Executive Producer: Oscar Whitbread / Producer and Director: John Gauci

WENDY HUGHES as Lucinda Brayford
SAM NEILL as Tony Duff
BARRY QUINN as Hugo Brayford
EDMUND PAGE as Pat Lanfranc
CAROL BURNS as Julie Vaine
STEPHEN OLDIELD as Stephen Brayford
VIRGINIA ROOKSBY as Mrs Fabian Parker

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