Manhunter, The (CBS 1974-1975, Ken Howard, Robert Hogan)

The Manhunter CBS 1974-1975 with Ken Howard

Set in the 1930’s crime drama The Manhunter focused on one time marine Dave Barrett who decided to turn bounty after his fiancee was killed during a bank robbery.

Barrett travelled the country when the Great Depression was in full swing and every crook fancied himself as the next John Dillinger or Clyde Barrow.

Barrett was occasionally helped out by Sheriff Paul Tate and other characters included Barrett’s family James and Mary Barrett.

The series was a Quinn Martin production but failed to match up to some of his better known efforts such as The Streets of San Francisco, Cannon and The Fugitive.

Ken Howard as Dave Barrett
Robert Hogan as Paul Tate
Ford Rainey as James Barrett
Claudia Bryar as Mary Barrett
Hilary Thompson as Lizabeth Barrett
R.G. Armstrong as Sheriff Mosely (2 eps)
Tim O’Connor as Ben Marks (2 eps)

key behind the scenes crew
Executive Producer: Quinn Martin
Producer: Sam Rolfe, Arthur Weingarten

show type
Period crime drama

broadcast from
Premiered: September 11, 1974
Ended: March 12, 1975
Aired: Wednesdays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes

network and production companies


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