Modus (TV4 2015, Melinda Kinnaman, Henrik Norlén)


Brutal Swedish crime thriller Modus is based on the novels by Anne Holt. Melinda Kinnaman plays Inger Johanne Vik a criminal psychologist who returns home to Sweden after working for the FBI. She initially has plans to retire to the academic world but when her autistic daughter witnesses a murder.

Inger then joins forces with cop Ingvar to track down the killer.

The series premiered in the UK on BBC Four on 26 November 2016. Alison Graham reviewing the first episode for the Radio Times said “If you’re prepared to sigh wearily at the inevitability of female slaughter – and very little is left to the imagination – then it’s a brisk thriller, packed with names from The Bridge, Thicker than Water and Wallander (Krister Henriksson, also recently in The Fall).”

production details
Sweden / TV4 / 8×50 minute episodes / Broadcast from September 2015.

Directors: Lisa Siwe, Mani Maserrat

Melinda Kinnaman as Inger Johanne Vik
Henrik Norlén as Ingvar Nymann
Marek Oravec as Richard Forrester
Simon J. Berger as Isak Aronson
Esmeralda Struwe as Stina Vik
Lily Wahlsten as Linnéa Vik
Krister Henriksson as Erik Lindgren
Cecilia Nilsson as Elisabeth Lindgren
Johan Widerberg as Lukas Lindgren
Ellen Mattsson as Astrid Friberg
Magnus Roosmann as Magnus Ståhl
Peter Jöback as Rolf Ljungberg
Josefine Tengblad as Sophie Dahlberg
Julia Dufvenius as Isabella Levi
Siw Erixon as Kerstin Vik
Simon Norrthon as Lennart Carlsson
Liv Mjönes as Patricia Green
Alexandra Rapaport as Ulrika Sjöberg
Suzanne Reuter as Viveka Wallin
Annika Hallin as Hedvig Nyström
Björn Andersson as Alfred Nyman
Anki Lidén as Gunilla Larsson
Per Ragnar as Hasse
Eva Melander as Marianne Larsson
Chatarina Larsson as Elsa
Mårten Klingberg as Tobias Faber

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