Murder Of Laci Peterson, The (A&E 2017)

Murder of Laci Peterson

Documentary series The Murder of Laci Peterson explores the infamous Scott Peterson trial, the case that destroyed a family, gripped a nation and defined an era, as a vehicle for understanding America’s criminal justice system and the ways in which outside influences can affect that system.

The mystery of Laci Peterson’s disappearance on Christmas Eve 2002 captivated the nation. Eight months pregnant, she vanished without a trace.Her body and that of her unborn child, Conner, appeared four months later on the shores of the San Francisco Bay causing a media frenzy on both a local and national level.

To this day, no one knows exactly when, where or how she died, only that her husband Scott Peterson was convicted of murder and sentenced to death, despite the absence of DNA evidence or eyewitness testimony.Scott Peterson’s conviction was less a tribute to the efficacy of the legal system than it was a case study for the overwhelming power of modern media to deliver the facts of news in a way that creates irresistible tabloid fodder.

key behind the scenes crew
Amy Savitsky as Executive Producer (A&E)
Banks Tarver as Executive Producer
Brad Abramson as Executive Producer (A&E)
Elaine Frontain Bryant as Executive Producer (A&E)
Emily Flood as Executive Producer (A&E)
John Marks as Executive Producer
Ken Druckerman as Executive Producer
Po Kutchins as Executive Producer
Shareen Anderson as Executive Producer

show type

broadcast from
Tuesday 15 February 2017
six episodes in total

network and production companies
A&E – BQE Films – Left-Right Productions


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