Odd Mom Out (Bravo 2015, Jill Kargman, Abby Elliott)

Odd Mom Out

Odd Mom Out is created by Jill Kargman, who plays a satirical version of herself trying to coexist with the demanding hierarchy of New York’s exclusive Upper East Side mommy clique.

Jill Kargman as Jill
Abby Elliott as Brooke
Andy Buckley as Andy
Joanna Cassidy as Candace
KK Glick as Vanessa
Sean Kleier as Lex

key behind the scenes crew
Banks Tarver as Executive Producer
Daniel Rosenberg as Executive Producer
Elisa Zuritsky as Executive Producer
Jill Kargman as Creator/Executive Producer
Julie Rottenberg as Executive Producer
Ken Druckerman as Executive Producer
Tim Piper as Executive Producer
Tony Hernandez as Executive Producer

show type

broadcast from
8 June 2015 –

network and production companies
Bravo – Jax Media – Left-Right Productions – Piro Vision


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