Outcast, The (BBC-1 2015 with Greg Wise and Nathaniel Parker)

UK / BBC-1 / 2×60 minute episodes / Broadcast 11-18 July 2015

Writer: Sadie Jones from her own novel / Producer: Celia Duval / Director: Ian Softley

Period drama. Set in post-war Britain, ten year-old Lewis Aldridge is grief-stricken as he struggles to cope with the death of his beloved mother. Left under the care of his emotionally distant father Gilbert, whom he barely knows and who quickly remarries, Lewis is forced to bury his feelings.

With no family to turn to, Lewis is dependent on his friendship with the neighbouring Carmichael girls, Tamsin and Kit. Controlled by their domineering father Dicky, an apparent pillar of the community who hides his true tendencies, Kit and Tamsin have problems of their own.

Growing up in a village filled with people determined to keep up appearances, despite what is simmering under the surface, Lewis’s behaviour begin to spiral out of control – taking him further and further away from the help that he needs.

Finn Elliot as Lewis Aldridge (as a child)
Hattie Morahan as Elizabeth Aldridge
Greg Wise as Gilbert Aldridge
Nathaniel Parker as Dicky Carmichael
Helen Bradbury as Claire Carmichael
Jocelyn MacNab as Kit Carmichael (as a child)
Edie Whitehead as Tamsin Carmichael (as a child)
Abigail Cruttenden as Anne Rawlins
Julian Wadham as Dr Straechen
Jessica Brown Findlay as Alice Aldridge
George MacKay as Lewis Aldridge
Daisy Bevan as Tamsin Carmichael
Jessica Barden as Kit Carmichael
Matt Whitchurch as Tom

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