Paradox (BBC-1 2009 with Tamzin Outhwaite and Lorcan Cranitch)

UK / BBC One – Clerkenwell Films / 5×50 minute episodes / Tuesday 24 November – Tuesday 22 December 2009 (shown at 9.00pm)

Writer: Lizzie Mickery / Producer: Marcus Wilson / Executive Producer: Murray Ferguson, Patrick Spence / Directors: Simon Cellan Jones, Omah Madha

In scifi tinged cop show Paradox, Detective Inspector Rebecca Flint is called in by renowned astrophysicist Dr Christian King who is receiving strange images from space that seem to point to future crimes and accidents that have not yet happened. Rebecca and her team face a literal race against time to try and stop the events playing out in the way the pictures suggest they will. From a train explosion to murder to robbery. As events progress though Rebecca becomes convinced that she is in some way at the centre of the events being played out – maybe even causing them to happen that way.

What started out as something of an ordinary cop themed show with a bit of scifi tacked on, grew into a pretty good series. The dialogue was sometimes a let down, over obvious and somewhat cliche ridden, “this isn’t about the case, this is about your ego” but there was enough here to maintain the interest. Tamzin Outhwaite’s character never seems quite a strong enough personality, wants to be like Jane Tennison but never quite pulls it off. Good to see that the BBC’s interest in scifi shows no sign of slowing down. With some toning down of language and situations this would be great in a family slot.

TAMZIN OUTHWAITE as Detective Inspector Rebecca Flint
EMUN ELLIOTT as Christian King
MARK BONNAR as Detective Sergeant Ben Holt
CHIKE OKONKWO as Detective Constable Callum Gada
POOKY QUESNEL as Detective Chief Inspector Sarah Bower
LORCAN CRANITCH as Simon Manning

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