For The People (ABC 2017, Britne Oldford, Lyndon Smith)

For The People

For The People is a legal drama from Shondaland set in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, aka “The Mother Court” – the most prestigious, high-profile trial court in America.

Here, six new lawyers are about to face off and make history in its hallowed courtrooms. It’s Assistant Federal Public Defender Sandra’s first day as a lawyer and New Yorker. She’s sensible and resourceful but burdened by the decision to leave a Supreme Court clerkship – the story of which has followed her to this new job, and which her perhaps too big-hearted fellow defender Jay won’t let her forget. Thankfully Sandra’s best friend and roommate Allison has her back.

Also an Assistant Federal Public Defender, Alison is wealthy, generous, and unfortunately in a relationship with– Seth, first-time Assistant U.S. Attorney. Being adversaries with his girlfriend and reluctant roommates with her best friend strains his low-key, Midwestern nature. Not making things any easier is his cocky, case-stealing colleague Leonard, while their fellow AUSA Kate just wants to stay out of the drama, do her job, and get the win.

These colleagues, friends, and lovers will have to prove their worth to impress their veteran bosses, the smartest judges in the system, and a take-no-prisoners Court Clerk as they do battle in lower Manhattan.

Britne Oldford as Sandra Black
Lyndon Smith as Allison Anderson
Anna Deavere Smith as Tina Krissman
Ben Rappaport as Seth Oliver
Ben Shenkman as Roger Gunn
Hope Davis as Jill Marcus
Regé-Jean Page as Leonard Fox
Susannah Flood as Kate Littlejohn
Vondie Curtis-Hall as William Byrne
Wesam Keesh as Jay Dawson

key behind the scenes crew
Betsy Beers as Executive Producer
Paul William Davies as Creator/Executive Producer
Shonda Rhimes as Executive Producer
Tom Verica as Director of Pilot

show type
Legal drama

broadcast from
Currently in production for 2017-2018 season

network and production companies
ABC – ABC Studios – Shondaland Productions

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