Play For Today: The Elephants Graveyard (BBC-1 1976, Billy Connolly, Jon Morrison)

Elephants Graveyard

In the funny and sad Play For Today: Elephants Graveyard, Jody and Bunny, two out of work men are both seeking refuge in the hills beyond their Scottish town. Both not having told their spouses that they no longer have jobs the duo spend the day drinking wine (straight from the bottle of course) and discussing the nature of life and their own lack of success in it. Jody is the older of the two and has something of a philosophical air about his predicament but both know the day is just a brief respite from the realities of their life.

The Elephants Graveyard has a brilliant atmosphere. Jody and Bunny are like a pair of kids out wagging school for the day. Lots of moments to savour and Billy Connolly shows even here in this early role for him, just what a superb actor he is. Fabulous dialogue as always from McDougall. All filmed on location on a hill in Scotland.

classic quote
“we’ve been shown the rules, but we haven’t been shown the beauty of the game”

production details
UK / BBC-1 (Play For Today) / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast 12 October 1976 @ 9.25pm

Writer: Peter McDougall / Script Editor: Colin Tucker / Music: Carl Davis / Costumes: Christine Rawlins / Producer: Graeme McDonald / Director: John Mackenzie


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