Please Sir (ITV 1968-1971 with John Alderton and Derek Guyler)

UK / ITV-London Weekend Television / 7×45 minute episodes 48×30 minute episodes / Broadcast 1968 – 1971

Writers: John Esmonde, Bob Larbey / Theme Music: Sam Fonteyn / Producers: Mark Stuart, Phil Cason

Sitcom. Naive young schoolteacher Bernard Hedges is given the unruly class of 5C to teach.

There was a spin off called The Fenn Street Gang which focused on the kids getting out into the grown up world of employment and responsibility and most of the gang also appeared in a 1971 big screen outing. The series Bowler was a spin off of The Fenn St Gang, in that series Peter Craven began working for a shady businessman called Bowler and that ended up with it’s own 13 episode run.

Season one was 45 minutes in length (as was all LWT’s initial comedy output) and was also black and white meaning that it was seldom then repeated.

JOHN ALDERTON as Bernard Hedges
DEREK GUYLER as Norman Potter
PETER CLEALL as Eric Duffy
PETER DENYER as Dennis Dunstable
MALCOLM McFEE as Peter Craven
JOAN SANDERSON as Miss Doris Ewell
NOEL HOWLETT as Mr Cromwell
ERIK CHITTY as Mr ‘Smithy’ Smith
DAVID BARRY as Frankie Abbott
LIZ GEBHARDT as Maureen Bullock
PENNY SPENCER as Sharon Eversliegh (1)
CAROL HAWKINS as Sharon Eversliegh (2)
JILL KERMAN as Penny Wheeler

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