Present For Dickie, A (ITV 1969-1970, Dickie Henderson, Fabia Drake)

A Present For Dickie ITV 1969 Dickie Henderson

In short lived sitcom A Present For Dickie, comedian Dickie Henderson is keen to get home to his wife after a long tour of the Far East. He is none too impressed to find that she is making her way home too – on a slow boat from Australia.

Meanwhile he is even more perturbed that his mother-in-law is on the scene. His situation descends into chaos when an Indian elephant called Mini turns up a gift. Not only is Dickie a little put out by the arrival but his neighbours are none too impressed either.

Jimmy Grafton, who created the series, is a hugely important figure in the development of post world war II British comedy and was one of the key figures bringing together the Goons.

production details
UK / ITV – Thames / 6×25 minute episodes / Broadcast 30 Dec 1969 – 5 Feb 1970 Thursdays 7.00pm

Creator: Jimmy Grafton / Music: Ronnie Aldrich / Production Design: Roger Allan, Michael Minas / Producer and Director: Peter Frazer-Jones

Dickie Henderson as Dickie
Fabia Drake as Mother-In-Law
Billy Burden as William
Dennis Ramsden as Parker
Jerry Ram as Abdul the Elephant Minder
June Laverick as Jane (Episode 6)
and Mini The Elephant

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