Probation Officer (ITV 1959-1962 with John Paul and Honor Blackman)

UK / ITV – ATV / 109×60 minute episodes / Broadcast 14 September 1959 – 14 September 1962 black and white

Creator: Julian Bond / Producers: Anthony Kearey, Rex Firkin

Drama series. Episodes in the lives of a group of probation officers. Initially only scheduled to run for 26 episodes Probation Officer was immediately popular and the first season was extended to 39 episodes and the second to a mammoth 40 episodes.

Honor Black had one of the lead roles but very quickly moved across to The Avengers and major stardom.

John Paul as Philip Main
David Davies as Jim Blake
Honor Blackman as Iris Cope (first part of season one only)
Jessica Spencer as Maggie Weston (from season 3)
Bernard Brown as Stephen Ryder (from season 3)

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