Psycho She Met Online, The (LMN 2017, Chelsea Hobbs, Charity Shea)

The Psycho She Met Online

In the LMN Original Movie, The Psycho She Met Online, Karen (Chelsea Hobbs, UnREAL) and her husband Andrew (Matthew Lawrence, Boy Meets World) decide to rent out spare rooms in their house to make ends meet. All goes well until Miranda (Charity Shea, Single Ladies) moves in and quickly infiltrates all areas of Karen’s life. After another guest mysteriously vanishes, Karen begins to suspect that something is amiss with Miranda. The Psycho She Met Online is executive produced by Pierre David and Tom Berry. The film is directed by Curtis James Crawford and written by Christine Conradt. Yani Gellman (Pretty Little Liars) also stars.

Charity Shea as Miranda
Chelsea Hobbs as Karen
Matthew Lawrence as Andrew
Yani Gellman

key behind the scenes crew
Christine Conradt as Writer
Curtis James Crawford as Director
Pierre David as Executive Producer
Tom Berry as Executive Producer

show type

One off TV Movie.

network and production companies

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