Red Oaks (Amazon 2014-2017, Craig Roberts, Ennis Esmer)

Red Oaks

Sitcom Red Oaks is set in 1985, and features college student David Myers who is both reeling from his father’s heart attack and conflicted about what major to declare in the fall. Myers gets a summer job as an assistant tennis pro at the Red Oaks Country Club in suburban New Jersey and while there, he meets a colorful cast of misfit co-workers and wealthy club members.

From Amazon’s press release, September 2017… Season 3: It’s the summer of ’87 and change is in the air at Red Oaks. David is chasing his dream to become a director in NYC. Wheeler and Misty have taken their relationship to the next level but face unforeseen obstacles. Getty is making lemonade of lemons in prison. Sam (Richard Kind) and Judy (Jennifer Grey) are finding new and unexplored passions in Jersey. Meanwhile, back at Red Oaks, Nash finds that the club’s future might in danger. Executive Produced by independent film stalwarts Steven Soderbergh & David Gordon Green, Amazon’s nostalgic coming-of-age comedy returns for a third and final season of life lessons couched in summer shenanigans at Red Oaks country club.

Craig Roberts as David
Ennis Esmer as Nash
Oliver Cooper as Wheeler
Richard Kind as Sam
Paul Reiser as Getty
Alexandra Socha as Skye
Alexandra Turshen as Misty
Jennifer Grey as Judy
Freddie Roman as Herb
Josh Meyers as Barry
Gina Gershon as Fay Getty
Gage Golightly as Karen
Nate Smith as Skip

crew details
Creators: Greg Jacobs, Joe Gangemi
Executive Producers: David Gordon Green, Greg Jacobs, Joe Gangemi, Steven Soderbergh

production details
Country: USA
Network and Production Companies: Amazon
Duration: 28×30 minute episodes
Aired From: 28 August 2014 – 20 October 2017

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