Redcap (ITV 1964-1966 with John Thaw)

UK / ITV – ABC / 26×60 minute episodes / Broadcast 17 October 1964 – 25 June 1966 black and white

Creator: Jack Bell / Story Editor: Ian Kennedy Martin / Producer: John Bryce

Crime drama series. Cases of a tough military policeman working in the Special Investigations Branch. The series that gave John Thaw a high profile for the first time. Ian Kennedy Martin would later go on to create the character of Jack Regan of The Sweeney for Thaw.

Although Thaw was the only regular cast member there were plenty of well known faces cropping up in guest roles including Keith Barron, Tenniel Evans, Peter Copley, Leonard Rossiter, Mike Pratt, Diana Coupland, Richard O’Sullivan, Garfield Morgan and Alan Lake.

Writers included Troy Kennedy Martin (brother of Ian), Roger Marshall, Richard Harris, Arden Winch and Julian Bond.

JOHN THAW as Sgt John Mann

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