Resistance (TF1 2014 with Pauline Burlet and Cesar Domboy)

France / TF1 / 6×60 minute episodes / Broadcast May 2014

Writer: Dan Franck

Wartime drama series. During World War II a group of young French men and women join a resistance movement, the members of which are also behind an illegal news sheet called Resistance. Broadcast on More 4 August – September 2015.

Pauline Burlet as Lili Franchet
Cesar Domboy as The Kid
Richard Berry as Lili’s Father
Tom Hudson as Jeannot
Fanny Ardant as The Countess
Isabelle Nanty as Paulette
Alain Doutey as Paul Rivet
Jeremie Petrus as Andre Kirschen
Robert Plagnol as Boris Vilde

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