Salad Days (ITV 1983 with Gwen Cherrell and Ann Beach)

UK / ITV -Yorkshire / 1×90 minute episode / Broadcast Sunday 2 Jan 1983 @ 9.45pm

Writer and Music: Julian Slade / Producer: Pat Sandys / Choreographer: Dougie Squires / Book and Lyrics by Dorothy Reynolds and Julian Slade / Musical direction by Neil Rhoden / Designer: Seamus Flannery / Executive Producer: David Cunliffe / Director: John Bruce

Musical comedy. ‘Summer and sunshine and falling in love’. A summer heatwave, a piano with powers, a boy, a girl and a tramp soon have the whole of London dancing.

Salad Days debuted at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre in 1954 and it later ran for more than five years at the Vaudeville Theatre, London.

Gwen Cherrell as Lady Raeburn
Margo Cunningham as Aunt Prue
Ann Beach as Timothy’s mother
Arthur White as Inspector
Fred Evans as Pc Boot
Simon Green as Timothy
Harry Jones as Troppo
Osmund Bullock as Nigel
Ian Richardson as Uncle Zed
Alexis Swithin as Tramp
Julia Swift as Asphynxia
Amanda Bairstow as Fiona

Josephine Gordon
Stanley Fleet
John Willett
William Lawford
Julia Lewis
Shelagh Dey
Terry Sheppard
Jo Thomas
Sue Wright

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