Secombe Here! (BBC 1955, Harry Secombe, Peter Sellers)

Goonish themed humour (check out those writer credits!) from Harry Secombe. His guests included fellow Goons Spike Milligan and Peter Sellers as well as Sam Kydd, Eric Sykes, Valentine Dyall and Libby Morris.

Harry Secombe as Himself
The Peter Glover Dancers as Themselves
Shirley Eaton as Herself
Bill Kerr as Himself
Libby Morris as Herself
Maria Pavlou as Herself
The George Mitchell Minstrels as Themselves

crew details
Writers: Jimmy Grafton, Eric Sykes, Spike Milligan, Harry Secombe
Producers: Bill Lyons, Albert Stevenson

production details
Country: UK
Network: BBC
Aired From: 1955 / 3×60 minute episodes

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