Set For Life (ABC 2007, Jimmy Kimmel)

Set For Life Jimmy Kimmel

Just imagine: You’re leaving the studio financially independent with a monthly payment for as long as you live! Yes, even if you are to live another 100 years. With a big smile on your face, you will be cashing a monthly check for the rest of your life. Now how does that sound?

In high-tension game show Set For Life, the contestant will first battle for the highest monthly check possible. Does he end up with $50 a month? $500 a month? Or will he receive well over $10,000 a month? The contestant’s next battle is even more important: Time! Does he win that payment just for one month? For a quarter of a year, half a year, one year? For three, ten, twenty years maybe? Or… for the rest of his life? And… did the contestant’s partner, hidden in a sound-proof isolation booth away from where it’s all happening, help to make that dream come true or turn that dream into a nightmare?

Jimmy Kimmel as Host

key behind the scenes crew
David Goldberg as Chairman (Endemol)
Scott St. John as Executive Producer

show type
game show

broadcast from
7/20/07 – 8/31/07
1 season of 7 episodes

network and production companies
ABC – Endemol USA

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