She’s Gone (ITV1 2004, Ray Winstone, Gary Lucy)

She's Gone ITV Ray Winstone

In one off drama She’s Gone businessman Harry Sands is a man who endures every parent’s worst nightmare when his daughter Olivia disappears during her gap year in Istanbul.

So begins a nightmarish journey through a foreign land, where Harry must learn that the real battle is not against the people amongst whom his daughter has been working, but against his own prejudices and his mounting paranoia.

As Harry spirals out of control, his wife Joanna, played by Lindsey Coulson, and his son Michael, played by Gary Lucy, step in to support him and to try to help him find Olivia. Emily Corrie also stars as Manda, Olivia’s best friend.

Set in Istanbul and London, She’s Gone is a tense psychological drama about love, loss and reconciliation written by Simon Tyrrell (The Vice), produced by Joshua St Johnson and directed by Adrian Shergold.

Originally scheduled to shoot in Istanbul, filming had to be transferred to Malta in the aftermath of the Al-Qaeda bomb blasts at the British Consulate and HSBC bank, which killed 26 people and injured more than 400. This atrocity is reflected within the drama.

production details
UK / ITV1 – A Size 9 Production / 1×100 minute episode / Broadcast 19 September 2004

Writer: Simon Tyrrell / Music: Martin Phipps / Executive Producers: Ian Gordon, Michael Wiggs and Ray Winstone / Producer: Joshua St. Johnston / Director: Adrian Shergold

Ray Winstone as Harry Sands
Gary Lucy as Michael
Lindsey Coulson as Joanna
Rebecca Clarke as Olivia
Emily Corrie as Manda
Freddie Annobil-Dodoo as Police Sergeant
Celia Robertson as Foreign Office Official
David Chircop as Street Kid
Owen Oakeshott as Tom Wilson
Mercedes Grower as Dancer
Kayvan Novak as Arto
Haluk Bilginer as Inspector Yilmaz
Pia Zammit as Hotel Receptionist
David Westhead as Peter Vine
Tina Tutkova as Tina
Murat Kiran as Turkish Policeman
Dimitri Andreas as Metin Fazouk
Anastasia Griffith as Hooker
James Barron as Security Official
Marit Velle Kile as Elena Elstrom
Hulya Bilen as Kurdish Woman
Gihan Kallian as Kurdish Boy

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