Sportsview (BBC 1954-1968, Peter Dimmock, Brian Johnston)


Sportsview was a sports based magazine show which was replaced by the very long running Sportsnight in 1968.

This was the BBC’s first regular sports round-up beating Grandstand by four years. It was the kind of show that allowed the BBC to innovate, not least with the introduction of the teleprompter aka the autocue as well as plentiful outside broadcasts and even cameras inside racing cars.

There was a junior version for a while called naturally enough Junior Sportsview. 1962 also saw the arrival of the annual Sports Review of the Year which is still going strong as Sports Personality of the Year.

Presenters over the years were Peter Dimmock, Brian Johnston and Frank Bough (from 1964 onwards).

production details
UK / BBC / Broadcast 8 April 1954 – 1968

Creator: Paul Fox / Producers: Dennis Monger, Cecil Petty, Alan Rees, Bryan Cowgill, A.P. Wilkinson, Alec Weeks, Alan Mouncer, Fred Viner

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