Stonemouth (BBC-2 2015 with Christian Cooke and Peter Mullan)

UK / BBC Two – Slate North / 2×90 minute episodes / Broadcast 11-18 June 2015

Writer: David Kane / Novel: Iain Banks / Executive Producers: Andrea Calderwood, Slate North, Christopher North / Producer: Willy Wands / Director: Charles Martin

Thriller. Stewart Gilmour returns to the village of Stonemouth, where he grew up, to attend the funeral of his best friend. Stewart had been forced out of town by his girlfriends family thanks to their criminal activities. The return home forces Stewart to confront his past and also to try and discover the true facts surrounding his friends apparent suicide.

Christian Cooke as Stewart Gilmour
Charlotte Spencer as Ellie Murston
Peter Mullan as Don Murston
Gary Lewis as Mike MacAvett
Brian Gleeson as Powell Imrie
Sharon Small as Connie Murston
Chris Fulton as Ferg
Samuel Robertson as Callum Gilmour
Kevin Mains as Fraser Murston
Jack Greenless as Norrie Murston
Naomi Battrick as Grier Murston
Joy McAvoy as Jel MacAvett

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