Straightline To Danger (ITV 1957, Bernard Hunter, Malcolm Knight)

Family thriller adventure serial Straightline To Danger saw Inspector Mark Pride gets personally involved when his young son is caught up in the machinations of a sinister Professor.

production details
UK / ITV Network / 5×30 minute episodes / Broadcast 16 February – 16 March 1957 / Saturdays at 5.00pm – black and white

Writers: Betty Marsden, Richard Morris / Producer: Arthur Lane (episodes 1-3), Cecil Petty (episodes 4-5)

Bernard Hunter as Professor Borgmann
Malcolm Knight as Jimmy Martinelli
Geoffrey Denton as Sergeant Crown
Arthur Adair as Inspector Mark Pride
Colin Gibson as Jonathon Pride (Little Guv)
Pamela Abbott as Lucy Pride
Sandy Allen as Snowball
Leonard Frank as Carl

1. THE BEGINNING (Broadcast: Saturday 16 February 1957 at 5.00pm)
“… Now see here, Sergeant; it’s not murder, not kidnapping; therefore we are up against something or somebody who has reasons for wanting three persons to disappear. I have a feeling that last night’s victim will not be the end…”

2. FEAR BELOW (Broadcast: Saturday 23 February 1957 at 5.00pm)
“…Radio Control Room please, hullo, control?… Inspector Pride here… general alarm…all cars…all stations…the search is on for a boy aged 14…name as follows…Jonathon Pride…”

3. TERROR BY NIGHT (Broadcast: Saturday 2 March 1957 at 5.00pm)
“…Then there is much activity…too much…my brain-child is roaming below uncontrolled. If he is discovered we are finished…meddling, petty people will destroy my equipment and pry into my secrets…”

4. BATTERSEA (Broadcast Saturday 9 March 1957 at 5.00pm)
“… Sergeant, we’re going out to find Taylor’s car… It never arrived with the children, and Control can’t get any thing from it on the radio…”

5. THE HOUSE ON THE HEATH (Broadcast Saturday 16 March 1957 at 5.15pm)
The net is closing in on the sinister professor as the police are close to locating the missing children.

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