Streets Of San Francisco, The (ABC 1972-1977 with Karl Malden and Michael Douglas)

Streets of San Francisco

Crime drama series The Streets of San Francisco followed Detective Lt Mike Stone and Assistant Inspector Steve Keller as they use the latest police methods to crack their cases on the mean streets of Frsico.

Mike is a long serving veteran who takes under his wing the young college graduate Steve.

Unusually the show actually got permission to film in many of the San Francisco police buildings to give it a real air of authenticity.

Malden said of the dynamic between the two “Michael was young, vital, handsome. I didn’t have any youth, I was just the opposite. But my character had knowledge. His attitude was: ‘If you listen to me, you might just get along, son’.”

Douglas left after two years in 1975, ostensibly to produce One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest. His dad Kirk had owned the film rights and it put Douglas Jr on the road to fame and a big fortune. He was replaced by Richard Hatch.

Characters created by Carolyn Weston in her novel Poor, Poor Ophelia.

Streets of San Francisco

Michael Douglas as Steve Keller.

production details
USA / ABC – Quinn Martin / 120×60 minute episodes / Broadcast 1972-1977

Creator and Executive Producer: Quinn Martin / Theme Music: Pat William

KARL MALDEN as Detective Lt Mike Stone
MICHAEL DOUGLAS as Detective Inspector Steve Keller
RICHARD HATCH as Detective Inspector Dan Robbins
LEE HARRIS as Lt Lessing
VIC TAYBACK as Officer Haseejian
ART PASSARELLA as Sgt Sekulovich
DARLEEN CARR as Jean Stone

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