Sugarfoot (ABC 1957-1963, Will Hutchins, Jack Elam)

Sugarfoot Will Hutchins

A cowboy designated one grade lower than a tenderfoot is a sugarfoot. On September 17, 1957, 25-year-old Will Hutchins debuted in this ABC western, created by Michael Fessier for Warner Brothers Television.

Sugarfoot, with its lead character, law student Tom Brewster, took place on the Frontier in the 1860s. Executive producer William T. Orr, who devised the show specifically for Hutchins, explained his title character: “Tom Brewster is a gentle fellow with a mild sense of humor and a strong sense of justice, who drifts from town to town in search of employment while he carries on a correspondence course in law. Never looking for trouble, he always seems to find it, along with a pretty girl.”

Brewster occasionally played his outlaw double The Canary Kid in a few episodes.

production details
ABC – Sarner / 69×50 minute episodes / Broadcast 17 September 1957 – 3 July 1961 black and white

Creator: Michael Fessier / Theme Music: Ray Heindorf, Max Steiner, Paul Francis Webster / Executive Producer: William T. Orr

Will Hutchins as Tom Brewster
Jack Elam as Toothy Thompson

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