Telford’s Change (BBC-1 1979, Peter Barkworth, Hannah Gordon)

In drama series Telford’s Change middle aged banking executive Mark Telford decides he needs a new challenge and takes over the running of a rural bank, his wife is none too happy, however, and opts to stay in London. Whilst Mark is busying adjusting to his new life Sylvia is contemplating an affair with theatre director Tim Hart.

A good strong grown up drama series with strong central performances from the leads Peter Barkworth and Hannah Gordon.

Telford's Change BBC 1979 Gordon and Barron

Peter Barkworth as Mark Telford
Hannah Gordon as Sylvia Telford
Keith Barron as Tim Hart
Albert Welling as Keith Everley
Zena Walker as Helen Santon
Veronica Sowerby as Carol Milton
Michael Maloney as Peter Telford
Gerry Cowper as Jenny Bell
Charlie Stewart as Charles
Colin Douglas as Maddox
Simon Lack as William Harvey
Tessa Peake-Jones as Elizabeth Cowley
Nula Conwell as Julie

crew details
Writer: Brian Clark
Producer: Mark Shivas
Music: John Dankworth
Director: Barry Davis

production details
Country: UK
Network and Production Companies: BBC One
Duration: 10×50 minute episodes
Aired From: 7 January – 11 March 1979

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