Telling Tales (ITV 2004, Colin Baker, Robert Hardy)

Telling Tales was a series that saw Colin Baker, Robert Hardy and Nerys Hughes take turns in reading short stories from classic authors such as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Oscar Wilde, Charles Dickens and Thomas Hardy.

production details
UK / ITV – Meridian / 15×25 minute episodes / Broadcast 26 January – 13 February 2004

Executive Producer: Jonathan Marland / Series Producer: Hannah Dawes

THE EPISODES (Story author and narrator in brackets)
1. THE CASE OF LADY SANNOX (Sir Arthur Conan Doyle / Colin Baker)
2. THE HAPPY PRINCE (Oscar Wilde / Nerys Hughes)
3. THE SUSSEX VAMPIRE (Conan Doyle / Robert Hardy)
4. THE DUCHESS OF HAMPTONSHIRE (Thomas Hardy / Nerys Hughes)
5. THE POWER OF DARKNESS (E. Nesbit / Colin Baker)
6. THE EBONY FRAME (E. Nesbit / Robert Hardy)
7. THE VEILED LODGER (Conan Doyle / Colin Baker)
8. THE VIOLET CAR (E. Nesbit / Nerys Hughes)
9. THE THREE STRANGERS (Thomas Hardy / Robert Hardy)
10. THE NEW CATACOMB (Conan Doyle / Colin Baker)
11. THE BAGMAN’S TALE (Charles Dickens / Robert Hardy)
12. THE YOUNG KING (Oscar Wilde / Nerys Hughes)
13. THE HAUNTED HOUSE (E. Nesbit / Colin Baker)
14. THE MARCHIONESS OF STONEHENGE (Thomas Hardy / Nerys Hughes)
15. THE RETIRED COLOURMAN (Conan Doyle / Robert Hardy)

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