That Girl (ABC 1966-1971 with Marlo Thomas and Ted Bessell)

USA / ABC – Daisy / 136×30 minute episodes / Broadcast 8 September 1966 – 10 September 1971

Theme Tune: Earle Hagen, Sam Denoff

Danny Thomas’ daughter Marlo started a trend in TV comedies with this hit series. That Girl-was the prototype for a wave of “independent woman” series, including The Doris Day Show, Mary Tyler Moore, and Rhoda.

Marlo played Ann Marie, a high-spirited young actress who had left the comfort of her parents’ home in rural Brewster, New York, to build a career in the big city. Her “big breaks” usually consisted of roles in TV commercials and bit parts in plays, so she supported herself with odd jobs in offices and department stores.

New York City did bring one big break for Ann, however, as on the first telecast she met Don Hollinger, a junior executive for Newsview magazine, who became her first romance. They finally became engaged on a September 1970 telecast, but Don never did get to marry “that girl”—although he got as far as a stag party before the 1970-1971 season ended.

Others in Ann’s world at various times were her parents, Lou (a restaurant owner) and Helen; her neighbors, the Bessemers; her friends the Baumans; and her, agents, Harvey and George. Marcy (played by Reva Rose) was seen briefly as Ann Marie’s married friend, during the 1970-1971 season.

Danny Thomas made a few cameo appearances in the series in various roles. Reruns of That Girl were shown as part of ABC’s daytime lineup from June 1969 to March 1972.

Ann Marie lived in an apartment at 344 West 78th Street in New York City.

Marlo Thomas as Ann Marie
Ted Bessell as Don Hollinger
Lew Parker as Lou Marie
Rosemary DeCamp as Helen Marie (1966-1970)
Bonnie Scott as Judy Bessemer (1966-1967)
Dabney Coleman as Dr. Leon Bessemer (1966-1967)
Bernie Kopell as Jerry Bauman
Carolyn Daniels as Ruth Bauman(1967-1969)
Alice Borden as Ruth Bauman (1969-1971)
Ronnie Schell as Harvey Peck (1966-1967)
George Carlin as George Lester(1966-1967)
Don Penny as Seymour Schwimmer (1967-1968)
Ruth Buzzi as Margie “Pete” Peterson (1967-1968)

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