The Bionic Woman (ABC 1975-1977 with Lindsay Wagner and Richard Anderson)

Lindsay Wagner as Jaime Somers The Bionic Woman

Scifi drama series The Bionic Woman was a spin off from The Six Million Dollar Man. Steve Austin’s childhood sweetheart Jaime Sommers is almost killed in a sky diving accident, fitted out with various bionic parts (legs, arm, ear) she becomes the latest recruit for the OSI agency, tackling cases for the government.

As The Bionic Woman opened, it was revealed that Jaime was saved from her coma via radical medical procedures. Once she recovered, Oscar employed her as an agent for the Office of Scientific Information (just like Steve). He also gave her a cover identity as a teacher at an Air Force base in Ventura, California. When not posing as a teacher, she would undertake secret missions using her bionic abilities. These mechanically-enhanced gifts included super-speed from a pair of bionic legs, an extremely strong bionic right arm, and super hearing via a bionically-enhanced ear.

Most missions involved Jaime’s taking on an undercover identity. Male viewers enjoyed this aspect of her missions because it always put in her provocative situations and attire (producing many a bionic wow!). Some of her more intriguing undercover guises included a beauty pageant contestant, a country singer, a stewardess, a belly dancer, a nun, and a pro wrestler. Eventually, Steve Austin was told that Jaime was alive and the two would eventually work together on a few missions. Other cast members included Dr. Rudy Wells, the creator of Jaime’s bionic enhancements, and Peggy Callahan, Oscar’s secretary. Jim and Helen Elgin, Jaime’s step-father and mother, were occasionally featured on the show. Jaime would later get another bionic companion in the form of Max, a bionically-enhanced dog.

Lindsay Wagner as Jaime Somers The Bionic Woman

The show lasted until May of 1977 on ABC. It was picked up by NBC and returned to the air in September of 1977, where it ran for an additional year. Years later, Jaime Sommers and Steve Austin were reunited in a series of made for television films in the late 80’s and early 90’s: The Return of the Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman (1987), Bionic Showdown: The Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman (1989), and Bionic Ever After? (1994).

In 2007 English actress Michelle Ryan starred in a short lived remake on NBC also called The Bionic Woman.

production details
USA / ABC – MCA / 57×60 minute episodes / Broadcast 1975-1977

Executive Producer: Harve Bennett / Producer: Ken Johnson / Theme Music: Jerry Fielding

LINDSAY WAGNER as Jaime Sommers
MARTIN E. BROOKS as Dr Rudy Wells
FORD RAINEY as Jim Elgin
MARTHA SCOTT as Helen Elgin

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