The Magician (NBC 1973-1974 with Bill Bixby and Keene Curtis)

USA / NBC / 1×75 minute episodes 21×60 minute episodes / Broadcast 2 October 1973 – 20 May 1974

Technical Advisor: Mark Wilson

The Magician was an entertaining albeit short lived spin on a crime drama series that focused on stage magician Tony Blake. Tony liked to use his skills to try and help people in trouble and so on. Blake’s crime solving activities were spurred by the fact that he had been in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. On hand to supply him cases and general help was novelist Max Pomeroy and his paraplegic wheelchair bound son Dennis.

Later in the series Tony (who was wealthy enough to have his own private plane called The Spirit) was resident at the Magic Castle in Hollywood which offered up opportunities for cameos by quite a few real life magicians. Bixby an accomplished amateur magician performed most of the magic tricks himself without resorting to camera trickery.

BILL BIXBY as Anthony Blake
KEENE CURTIS as Max Pomeroy
TODD CRESPI as Dennis Pomeroy
JIM WATKINS as Jerry Wallace

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