The Wednesday Play: A Beast With Two Backs (BBC-1 1968 with Patrick Barr)

UK / BBC ‘The Wednesday Play’ / 1×75 minute episodes / 1968 black and white

Writer: Dennis Potter / Costume Design: June Wilson / Producer: Kenith Trodd / Director: Graeme McDonald

Period drama. In the 1830’s an innocent bear has to pay the penalty for a crime that was committed by the simple member of a small village.

Set in Potter’s own Forest of Dean, the tale is supposedly based on an old legend of the area.

Patrick Barr as Joe
Denis Carey as Ebenezer
Laurence Carter as Micky Teague
Madeleine Newbury as Joan Teague
Christian Rodska as Rufus
Geraldine Newman as Rebecca
Roger Gartland as Jack Hooper
Terence Sewards as Will
Anthony Andrews as Harry
Basil Henson as Inspector
Audine Leith as Nellie
Esther Lawrence as Mary
Llewellyn Rees as Arnold
Ron Eagleton as Policeman
Rica Fox as Organist
Rosalie Horner as Barmaid
Gina as Dancing Bear
Stephen Pudge as Boy 1
Eddie Blow as Boy 2
Kevin Toogood as Boy 3
and The Berry Hill Silver Band

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