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The World According to Kenny Everett (ITV 13 Dec 2015)

AIRDATE: Sunday 13th December 2015 at 10.00pm on ITV

This one-hour special takes an in-depth look at the pioneering DJ and comic genius Kenny Everett, including classic moments from his hugely successful TV career and rare and revealing personal archive and contributions from those closest to him. His sister Cate recalls an idyllic childhood in Liverpool with her brother and offers a unique insight into his charismatic yet complex character.

He may have been a whirlwind of self-confidence on TV but in private he was a very shy and intelligent man. Some famous names share their stories about him and how he set the nation laughing through characters such as Cupid Stunt, Captain Kremmen, Sid Snot and Marcel Wave. They include Chris Tarrant, Barry Cryer, Paul Gambaccini, Dave Cash, and close friends like Cleo Rocos, Roger Taylor – who credits Kenny with turning Bohemian Rhapsody into a hit – and Steve Norman from Spandau Ballet.

A groundbreaking radio DJ, Kenny first hit the TV screens in 1978 on Thames and then moved to the BBC in 1981. With The Kenny Everett Show’s popularity reaching great heights, the world’s biggest stars – including Rod Stewart, Kate Bush and David Bowie – all clambered to appear alongside Kenny and were only too happy to make fools of themselves in his madcap sketches. Billy Connolly was a regular on those shows and recalls some chaotic and hilarious times in the studio. This is a tribute to a comedy genius whose influence still resonates with younger entertainers.

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