Therese Raquin (BBC-2 1980, Kate Nelligan, Brian Cox)

Therese Racquin

Period drama serial. In 19th century France, after her lover kills her husband, Therese Raquin becomes convinced that her late husband’s spirit is stalking her.

The production caused a slight fuss at the time of its original broadcast because of the frank nature in which the story was dealt with.

Kate Nelligan as Thérèse Raquin
Brian Cox as Laurent LeClaire
Mona Washbourne as Madame Raquin
Richard Pearson as Michaud
Timothy Bateson as Grivet
Philip Bowen as Olivier Michaud
Jenny Galloway as Suzanne Michaud
Alan Rickman as Vidal
Kenneth Cranham as Camille Raquin

crew details
Writer: Philip Mackie
Novel: Emile Zola
Script Editor: Betty Willingale
Music: Patrick Gowers
Producer: Jonathan Powell
Director: Simon Langton

production details
Country: UK
Network and Production Companies: BBC Two – London Films
Duration: 3×60 minute episodes
Aired From: 12 – 26 March 1980

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