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Thriller: Once The Killing Starts (ITV 2 Feb 1974 with Angharad Rees and Michael Kitchen)

UK / ITV Network – ATV – ITC / 1×75 minute episode / Broadcast 2 February 1974

Writer: Brian Clemens / Production Design: Bryan Holgate / Director: John Scholz-Conway

Series: Thriller / Season 2 Episode 2

In Once The Killing Starts married Professor Michael Lane is embroiled in an affair with one of his students, Stella Mason. Determined to be with her he embarks on a complex plot to kill his wife and provide himself with a foolproof alibi into the bargain, after pulling off what he thinks is the perfect murder Lane begins to recieve poison pen letters saying that he is a murderer and “they” know he did it. Convinced that another student, George Newton, is behind the letters, Lane kills again – but the letters don’t stop….

Brian Clemens, who wrote this episode, along with most other episodes of Thriller, comes over all Columbo like here, we pretty much know that Lane is a murderer right from the start, the intrigue comes from not knowing just where the letters are coming from. Inspector Rush is the rainmac wearing detective who seems to be always around. The episode also stars a pre-Poldark Angharad Rees and a young Michael Kitchen.

PATRICK O’NEAL as Michael Lane
ANGHARAD REES as Stella Mason
MICHAEL KITCHEN as George Newton
GERALD SIM as Peterson
GARY WATSON as Inspector Rush
PATRICIA DONAHUE as Elizabeth Lane
TERRY WRIGHT as Detective Constable Waters

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