Tiny House Of Terror (LMN 2017, Francia Raiser)

Tiny House of Terror

In Tiny House of Terror, after the tragic disappearance and presumed death of her tech mogul husband, Samantha Hastings (Francia Raisa, The Secret Life of a the American Teenager) decides to escape from her hi-tech Silicon Valley home and move to a rustic and cozy tiny house, completely isolated from the prying eyes of the public.

As she begins to adapt to her new lifestyle, Samantha’s serenity is interrupted when she can’t shake the feeling that she is being watched. Strange and unexplained terrors begin to happen in the tiny house until eventually Samantha’s sanctuary becomes her prison with no way out.

Francia Raisa as Samantha Hastings
Nazneen Contractor as Ransom

key behind the scenes crew
Barbara Kymlicka as Writer
Jill Sanford as Story/Writer
Kim Roberts as Producer
Paul Shapiro as Director
Sheri Singer as Executive Producer
Tina Pehme as Producer

show type

network and production companies
Lifetime Movie Network


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