Tony Blair Rock Star (Channel 4 2006, Christian Brassington, Jonathan Roberts)

Tony Blair Rock Star

Comedy documentary Tony Blair Rock Star reveals how politics’ gain was pop music’s loss by reconstructing the attempts of a teenage Tony Blair to make it big in the world of rock. Long before Tony Blair took up residence in Downing Street he had a dream – a dream in which he heard the roar of adoring schoolgirls as he took to a strobe-lit stage as a rock god.

Based on interviews with people close to Blair as a young man, this film tells the true story of a frustrated rock star whose alternative career path led to the House of Commons. Tony Blair Rock Star charts his journey from naughty public schoolboy to lead singer of Oxford University band Ugly Rumours and features previously unseen photos of Blair as a wannabe rock phenomenon.

Satirical reconstructions, directed by look-alike photographer Alison Jackson, recreate key stages in Tony’s desire to be a rock star. From accomplished Mick Jagger mimic at Fettes Public School, where he styled his unruly hair with butter, to his days as a teenage band promoter, the film portrays Blair as a fame-obsessed student who had no interest in politics but forever craved the limelight.

production details
UK / Channel 4 – V Good Films / 1×65 minute episode / Thursday 19 January 2006 @ 10:00pm

Writer: Mark Chapell / Producer: Victoria Powell / Documentary Director: Bruce Goodison / Drama Director: Alison Jackson

Christian Brassington as Tony Blair
Jonathan Roberts as Alan Collenette
Alexandra Milman as Jo West
Tommy Luther as Adam Seiff
Laurence Dobiesz as Paddy
Kristopher Milnes as Band Member
Adam De Ville as David Mc Murray
Edward Fulton as Rock Fan

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