Trials of Jimmy Rose, The (ITV 2015 with Ray Winstone and Amanda Redman)

UK / ITV / 3×60 minute episodes / Broadcast Sunday 30 August – Sunday 13 September 2015

Writing: Alan Whiting / Producer: Jane Dauncey / Executive Producer: Kieran Roberts / Director: Adrian Shergold

Drama serial. Armed robber Jimmy Rose is released from prison after serving out his long sentence, he is keen to reconnect with family and friends but finds that is not so easy and the world has changed whilst he has been inside.

Ray Winstone as Jimmy Rose
Amanda Redman as Jackie Rose
Paul Jesson as Roy Anderson
Marion Bailey as Sue Anderson
Montanna Thompson as Ellie Cooper
Charlotte Randle as Julie Cooper
Tom Cullen as Joe Rose
Leticia Dolera as Maria Rose
Pippa Bennett-Warner as Kerry Irwin
Jack Colgrave Hirst as Aaron Stanley
Jadon Carnelly-Morris as Elliot Cooper
Daisy Cooper-Kelly as India Rose
Wanda Opalinksa as Dr Keagan

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