Trustee, The (ABC, Meaghan Rath, Michael Cudlitz)

The Trustee ABC

In The Trustee Detective Eliza Radley has developed a reputation for herself in San Francisco’s North Precinct. Her undeniable instincts close cases, but her reckless behavior in the field has cost her a few partners.

Now she’s in hot water with her boss, Captain Waits, who can’t find a cop willing to partner with her. Just as Radley discovers a sex trafficking ring shuttling young girls from Mexico into prostitution, Captain Waits puts her on strict desk duty. Driven to save the girls from danger, Radley is determined to find a way back onto the case.

By chance, Radley discovers an unlikely partner: her precinct’s trustee, Amanda Jones. Jones is finishing the last year of her 5-year prison sentence by serving as the police station trustee, performing menial and janitorial tasks at the station. But Jones’s insight into this particular case could be Radley’s only way to rescue the girls, so Radley breaks the rules and takes Jones out of the precinct to search for leads. Jones proves useful to Radley with her ability to anticipate a criminal’s next move. But the risk-averse and extroverted Jones quickly clashes with Radley, who is willing to break the rules but is emotionally closed off.

Soon, the two begin to see other sides of each other. Upon meeting Jones’s grandmother Odelle, Radley realizes the toll prison has taken on Jones’ relationships. And Jones understands Radley’s emotional walls when they visit Radley’s father Anthony, a retired cop who has never recovered from the death of his son. Though Jones and Radley have completely opposing views on crime and punishment, a successful partnership is born.

Meaghan Rath as Eliza Radley
Michael Cudlitz as Timothy Waits
Berto Colon as Martinez
David Warshofsky as Anthony Radley
Gail Bean
L. Scott Caldwell as Odelle Jones
Lance Gross as J.D. Hayes
Laverne Cox as Amanda Jones
Tim Kang as Henry Wu

key behind the scenes crew
David Ronn as Creator/Executive Producer
Elizabeth Banks as Executive Producer
Jay Sherick as Creator/Executive Producer
Max Handelman as Executive Producer
Michael Engler as Director of Pilot

show type
crime drama

broadcast from
currently in development for the 2017-2018 season.

network and production companies
ABC – Brownstone Productions – Warner Bros. Television

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