Ultimate Force (ITV 2002-2008, Ross Kemp, Miles Anderson)

Ultimate Force Ross Kemp

Former EastEnder Ross Kemp was lured away from the BBC to join ITV and one of his first big roles was explosive, all-action drama Ultimate Force, co-created by former SAS soldier and Bravo Two Zero member Chris Ryan. Ryan appeared in the first series of the show as Blue Troop leader Johnny Bell.

Kemp plays Sergeant Henno Garvie, the tough, charismatic leader of a Special Forces SAS Red Troop, who faces action in a wide variety of dangerous situations and locations.

The crack-team have to face up to any explosive situation to keep Britain protected including hijackers, terrorists, rebel Chechnyan leaders and the deadliest security threats.

The first two series (barring the opener) were 60 minutes – this became feature length for the third series which lost a number of the regulars from the first two series but gained the first female SAS recruit.

Ultimate Force

Best Moment
During a training exercise, Sgt. Twamley gratuitously shoots a TV, because Richard Whitely was on it and posed a risk to life. Garvie accepts this explanation.

Man down. Man down.
They love it, they do. They love it.

The show has been broadcast in 120 countries worldwide, from Argentina to Japan.

production details
UK / ITV-1 – Bentley / 21 episodes 12×50 minute episodes 8×75 minute episode 1×90 minute episodes / Broadcast 16 September 2002 – 1 June 2008

Creators: Rob Heyland, Chris Ryan / Music: Rick Wentworth / Executive Producer: Brian True-May / Producer: Peter Norris

ROSS KEMP as Henno Garvie
MILES ANDERSON as Colonel Dempsey
JAMIE DRAVEN as Jamie Dow (to series 2)
SENDIL RAMAMURTHY as Alex Leonard (to series 2)
TONY CURRAN as Pete Twamley (to series 2)
DANNY SAPANI as Ricky Mann ( to series 2)
ALEX REID as Caroline Walshe (to series 2)
ELLIOT COWAN as Jem Poynton (to series 2)
JAMIE BAMBER as Lt Dotsy Doheny (To series 2)
CHRISTOPHER FOX as Louis Hoffman
HEATHER PEACE as Becca Gallagher (from series 3)
HANNAH YELLAND as Kathy Crampton

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