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Unisexers, The (Channel 9 1975, Tina Bursill, Walter Pym)

The Unisexers

Weeknight drama series The Unisexers was about a group of people all living together in a large old house in Paddington in Sydney and running a business designing and selling jeans.

This was a short lived show running over every week night for three weeks, planned to be similar in style to Number 96 and made by much of the same behind the scenes crew but hampered by an early evening time slot.

The general critical reaction can be summed up in a review by Allen Glover in the Sydney Morning Herald “storyline is not strong, the climaxes are weak, and the actors for the most part fail to impress.”

Most of the cast were unknowns but Josephine Knur and John Paramor had been on Number 96. The series just missed out on being made in full colour, some episodes made it but those made before March were in black and white.

The Unisexers

production details
Australia / Channel 9 – NLT – Cash Harmon Associates / 1×60 minute episode 15×30 minute episodes / Broadcast from 10 February 1975

Creators: Bill Harmon, Anne Hall / Theme Music: The Unisexers by Ogamm Magann / Producer: Kevin Powell / Executive Producer: Bob Huber

Walter Pym as Angus Melody
Jessica Noad as Dora Melody
Delore Whiteman as Mrs Tripp
Tina Bursill as Felicity
Michele Fawdon as Monica Parry
Josephine Knur as Sally Pickles
Tony Sheldon as Benjy Lewis
Steven Tandy as Julian ‘Tinsel’ Tinsley
Patrick Ward as Cornelius ‘Corny’ Hastings
Anne Grigg as Deirdre
Sonia Hoffmann as Brigitte
Scott Lambert as Brian Parry
Hugh Logan as Humphrey ‘Humph’ Brown

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