Wagon Train (NBC 1957-1965 with Ward Bond and Robert Horton)

UK / NBC – Universal – MCA – Revue / 252×60 minute episodes 32×90 minute episodes / Broadcast 1957-1965

Creator: Bert Glennon / Theme Music: David Buttolph / Producers: Richard Lewis, Richard Irving / Executive Producer: Howard Christie

Western drama series. In the 1860’s a group of pioneers form a Wagon Train. The train picked up and dropped new members on a regular basis.

Following the death of Ward Bond who played Wagon Master Major Seth Adams. Chris Hale assumed command of the train. Reruns are sometimes broadcast as Major Adams or Major Adams, Trailmaster.

WARD BOND as Major Seth Adams
ROBERT HORTON as Flint McCullough
JOHN McINTIRE as Chris Hale
TERRY WILSON as Bill Hawks
FRANK McGRATH as Charlie Wooster
SCOTT MILLER as Duke Shannon
ROBERT FULLER as Cooper Smith
MICHAEL BURNS as Barnaby West

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