Walker, Texas Ranger (CBS 1993-2001, Chuck Norris, Noble Willingham)

Walker Texas Ranger Chuck Connors

Walker, Texas Ranger is an action-drama about modern-day Texas Ranger Cordell Walker, whose independent crime-solving methods have their roots in the rugged traditions of the Old West. Walker’s closest friend is a former Texas Ranger, C. D. Parker, who begrudgingly retired after a disabling knee injury but continues to help Walker, occasionally offering advice on difficult cases.

Parker now owns “C. D.’s,” a saloon-restaurant with country music and dancing. Assisting Walker is Ranger James Trivette, a philosophical ex-football player, originally from the Baltimore projects, who represents the new breed of law-enforcement officer who bases his crime-solving on reason and modern-day tools such as computers. Alex Cahill is the county assistant district attorney, who shares a mutual attraction with Walker while often disagreeing with his unorthodox approach to law enforcement.

production details
USA / CBS – Topkick – Amadea / x50 minute episode / Broadcast 1993-2001

Executive Producers: Rick Applebaum, Frank Lupo, John Ashley, Chuck Norris / Theme tune: The Eyes of the Ranger sung by Chuck Norris.

CHUCK NORRIS as Cordell Walker
SHEREE J. WILSON as Prosecutor Alex Cahill
CLARENCE GILYARD as James ‘Jimmy’ Trivette

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