We Got It Made (ABC 1983-1984 with Teri Copley and Tom Villard)

USA / ABC – Syndication/ – MGM – UA – Intermedia – The Farr Organisation / 48×30 minute episodes / Broadcast 1983-1984

Creators: Gordon Farr, Lynne Farr Brao / Executive Producers: Gordon Farr, Fred Silverman

Sitcom. Sexy Mickey MacKenzie is hired as live in maids to housemates Jay Bostwick and David Tucker, much to the distress of their girlfriends.

Cancelled after its first season then revived for one further season in syndication.

TERI COPLEY as Mickey MacKenzie
TOM VILLARD as Joey Bostwick
MATT McCOY as David Tucker (1983-84)
JOHN HILLNER as David Tucker (1987-88)
STEFANIE KRAMER as Claudia (1983-84)
BONNIE URSETH as Beth (1983-84)
RON KARABATSOS as Max Papavasilios Sr (1983-84)
LANCE WILSON-WHITE as Max Papavasilios Sr (1987-88)

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