Whack-O (BBC 1956-1960 and 1971, Jimmy Edwards)


In sitcom Whack-O Professor James Edwards, headmaster of Chislebury School, rules the pupils with an iron hand, and his hand normally had a cane in it.

There was a short special as part of Christmas Night With The Stars on 25 December 1958 (included in the above episode count) and the BBC revived the series on BBC-1 in 1971 for 13 further episodes and a feature film (called Bottoms Up) was released in 1960.

production details
UK / BBC / 60×30 minute episodes / Broadcast 4 October 1956 – 27 December 1960 and 27 November 1971 – 26 February 1972 Eight seasons

Writers: Denis Norden, Frank Muir / Music: Alan Yates (1956-1960), Dennis Wilson (1971) / Producers: Douglas Moodie, Eric Fawcett, Douglas Argent

JIMMY EDWARDS as Prof James Edwards
ARTHUR HOWARD as Mr Oliver Pettigrew (1956-1960)
JULIAN ORCHARD as Mr Oliver Pettigrew (1971)
KENNETH COPE as Mr F.D. Price Whittaker(Season 1)
PETER GLAZE as Mr R.P. Trench (Seasons 1-3)
FRANK RAYMOND as Mr Cope-Willoughby (Seasons 5-7)
JOHN STIRLING as Lumley (Seasons 1-3)
GEOFFREY PAGET as Rawlinson (Seasons 6)
DAVID LANGFORD as Parker (Season 6)
NORMAN BIRD as S.A. Smallpiece
GARY WARREN as Taplow (1971)
PETER GREENE as Halliforth (1971)
HAROLD BENNETT as Dinwiddie (1971)
GREG SMITH as Potter (1971)

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